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Your Ultimate Stop Solution For Residential & Commercials on All Types of Aircon Services in Singapore

KL AIRCONDITIONING & ENGINEERING Pte Ltd in Singapore provides one-stop Air Conditioning Service, Repair, Maintenance, and Installation for all Brands and Models of Air-Conditioner for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Sectors. We have more than 10 over years experience on aircon servicing and repair which include normal air con service, chemical service, chemical overhaul, condenser normal service and chemical service; and specialist on all type aircon installation, repair and maintenance.

Our team have very good reputation with good responsibility and excellent work job done.

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We consistantly operate as a Dedicated, Responsive, Honest and transparent Service Provider to customers, dealers, sub-contractors and vendors. We believe this is the way to ensure outstanding quality.

Business with integrity and professionalism, coupled with proper and careful planning in accordance to site requirements allow us to deliver within required time and earn your trust.

Effective Servicing and Maintenance

aircon-maintenance-singapore-Cheap-and-EfficientIt is not a secret that effective and Quality Air Conditioner Servicing and Installation hold the key to a Cool, Hospitable, Healthy and Comfortable Home and Offices. Unfortunately, many home owners are less aware of the issue of industry standards when installing air conditioners. As a result, many people ended up with less efficient or ineffective air Cooling systems in their premises, losing money and time, results in high cost of maintenance or rectification works.




Engage Professional Service

aircon-maintenance-singapore-Efficient-and-ProfessionalBefore you procure the services of an Aircon Service Company, you may find out whether the company adheres to industry regulations and standards as laid out by the?Singaporen Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Association. It safeguards the interests of consumers who are in need of installation and Service of air conditioners in their Home and Office.

When sourcing for Air-Con, you should also take time to find out whether the equipment meets the testing and rating performance set for the?HVAC?industry in Singapore. Do not take it lightly the issue of compliance as it determines the performance and safety of your system.

If you suspect that your existing Air Conditioner installation do not meet the industry standards and is problematic, then you can hire an experienced and Trust-worthy Air-Con contractor like us to undertake a system audit. We can determine the shortcomings of your system and, depending on the problem, modify or replace the system appropriately. This is necessary way of rectifying the problem and restoring comfort in your home.

Years of Experience

aircon-maintenance-singapore-Professional-and-CleanWe have the skills, experience, and commitment to deliver quality job. We also adhere to industry standards in Singapore so you don't have to worry about the quality of our services or the performance of your system

Importance of Maintenance

aircon-maintenance-singapore-Clean-and-HonestWith more than 10 years of expert experience in aircon servicing and repair services in Singapore, KLAircon can be your preferred aircon specialist. We are in Residential & Commercial Aircon Servicing, providing Reliable & Quality with reasonable pricing. Enjoy less electrical consumption and increase life span of your air-conditioner, we provide full range of one-stop aircon service, included but not limited to:

  • Clean and check air filter, cover and condenser coil
  • Clean Aircon Coil Fin
  • Clean Fan Blower
  • Clean Outdoor Unit (when necessary)
  • Clear Water Tray
  • Clear Drainage Pipe
  • Check Gas Level and Top Up when necessary
  • Leakage rectification / flush drainage system
  • check bio-pure / deodorizing filter
  • check compressor suction and discharge pressure
  • Free topping of gas (with purchase of some services)
  • New installation / second hand aircon unit
  • Warranty after service
  • Quarterly and yearly maintenance contract service