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Aircon-Servicing-Singapore-buy-Carrier-casementRegular servicing of aircon ensures the aircon system and its pipes are free from dust and dirt, result in higher electricity and cooling efficiency. This maintenance work also prolong life span and reliable of the aircon system and its parts. Do you need to think about your errands on a hot day, without the solaces of an aircon? On the off chance that your aircon needs critical repair work, our gifted and accomplished specialists are here to help you.

We offer affordable?aircon servicing?in Singapore, ensuring that anyone can get the help they need. We know that aircon need general support because of their tendency to glitch and our technicians are available to address your needs. Our experts verify that your air conditioner offers great air flow, expanded lifespan and?low vitality costs. Notwithstanding the establishment of aircon, our masters will likewise advise you on the most effective methods to anticipate and?avoid breakdowns.

Our packages can be entirely tailored to your need, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Number of fan coil unit with condenser Quarterly
(every 3 months)
2 200
3 300
4 400
5 500
6 600

You are welcome to engage us for one-time cleaning service to see our superb workmanship before deciding on a contract. Our cleaning service is just $30!