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Professional and Reliable Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore. Call 9786 8886. Aircon Cleaning, Repair Services, Installation and Maintenance. Despite escalating living expenses, our aircon cleaning service still remains at just $30!

Absolutely no hidden charge.

We await and welcome your enquiry phone call or confirmation of our service. Ranging from simple Aircon servicing to Aircon overhaul, we at?KLAircon Servicing Singapore Pte Ltd?offer all kinds of services and solutions that you need in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of your unit. With our Aircon services, you can maintain your air conditioner, increase its life and save energy, which in turn will allow you to remain safe from high-energy costs. As we offer complete Aircon servicing in Singapore, you do not have to look for additional companies once you contact us. Just let us know what exactly your need is and then sit back; we will manage it all for you.

Why Choose Us To Repair Your Aircon?

Aircon-Servicing-Singapore-Mitsubishi-National-no airLooking for aircon repair company? Nothing could more uncomfortable that a hot house in the heat of summer. When you come home and find the house has become an oven, it is time to call a professional for repairs. Learning more about the professional you should call is important to save money and more expensive repairs in the future. Why choose us to repair your aircon?

The company that has been in business for several years has the kind of experience you need for the best results. The money you spend on repairs and maintenance is important and the work you get in return for that money should be worthwhile. Choosing only a company that has the training and experience necessary for providing quality work is essential for you to maintain the best level of cool comfort.

Hiring someone for making repairs to an air conditioning system can be risky business for several reasons. The greatest aspect of risk every homeowner should consider when hiring a technician to make repairs on their cooling system is about insurance. The company that ensures they carry insurance coverage for all their employees is the best one to choose.

Bonded and insured is something else you should look for as well when selecting a company that best for making the repairs and maintenance of the cooling system at your home. Companies that have bonded employees means those employees have been through a criminal background check and can be trusted to work on your property without stealing.

You may come across companies that are family owned and operated. Bear in mind that while these companies do have a safer and more reputable appeal, making sure you still check them out with the Better Business Bureau is always best. Just because a company claims it is family owned does not always mean they are the best choice.

Finding out the kind of regular maintenance you can secure for a cooling system is also a good idea. Be sure to look for professionals that work on the kind of system you own. You certainly do not want to call someone out that is not trained to work on the particular system you have. Most companies have websites you can check out for learning details about manufacturers they are qualified to service and repair.

When inquiring about service contracts, you might also ask about the services offered for emergency repairs. You do not want to wake up in the middle of night sweating because you can not get someone out to make repairs due to the time and day. Always try to find a reputable company providing after hours services.

Why choose us to repair your aircon? Making the choice between a company cares about the comfort you deserve and about you saving money is one reason. Choosing the company that is experienced and offers professional services is another reason. Take the time to learn more about the benefits of selecting the company you can count on. By doing so, you can experience a cool comfort at a greater saving with less worry.