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Singapore's Leading Aircon Servicing, Repair, Topup Gas, Chemical Cleaning & Other Aircon Services

aircon-maintenance-singapore-Good-and-CheapWith more than 10 years of expert experience in aircon servicing and repair services in Singapore, KLAircon can be your preferred aircon specialist. We are in Residential & Commercial?Aircon Servicing, providing Reliable & Quality with reasonable pricing. In a subtropical climate such as Singapore, air conditioning is a must. Not only does it help to cool a home or business, but air conditioning also removes unwanted humidity from the environment.

The only downside to air conditioning is that they do need to be serviced every now and again to check they?re running efficiently; luckily with?KLAircon Servicing and Repairt Singapore, your regular maintenance will be quick and easy!

Rather than putting up with the heat during hot days, or sweating because your aircon unit has broken down, you should opt for regular maintenance. For the ultimate in Singapore aircon servicing, check out our fantastic services and prices!

  • We have been in Aircon Business for more than 10 years.
  • We have many operational team to cover all areas of Singapore to provide services to you at earliest possible time, convenient to you.
  • We are authorised dealer for a wide range of popular Airconditioner brands to cater for all types of house and apartment size and layout.
  • We Specialise in all types of Air-Conditioner, from Repair, Installation, Servicing and Maintenance.
  • We don't use chemical wash. Using chemical wash for air conditioners shorten lifespan of your air conditioning unit because of metal corrosion, causes non-repairable gas leaks, ?long term health concerns for your family, and environmental pollution.?KL AIRCONDITIONING & ENGINEERING?gives you Cleaner Air Conditioners, Cleaner Health, and Healthier Living Environment. With our committed practice, your air conditioner will last as long as it is operational, results in huge Electricity and Aircon Parts saving.
  • KL AIRCONDITIONING & ENGINEERING?is a established brand name committed to provide a COMPLETE environmental friendly air conditioner Cleaning and Repair process, delivering cool comfort for your indoor environment.
  • We value every single client we service. We provide professional and friendly service at a Fair and Competitive Price.
  • We work with all brands of Aircon Manufacturers, to cater the most suitable Air Conditioners for your needs. Giving you a hassle free shopping for New Installation and Parts Replacement.