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We are equipped with latest technology for aircon servicing and repair, coupled with friendly technician and professional service. Following are our recommendation for your aircon repair knowledge. All comments are welcome and will be responded. With many years experience in aircon service, KLAircon Servicing strive to deliver the best and trustworthy aircon service to its customers and at the same time provide best after-sale service. Digital thermostats are very sensitive and they need specialist who can handle them well without causing further damage. Our technicians knows who to check then to ensure that they are compatible with other units within the air conditioning unit. Our staff are able to check your and analyze your HVAC units and if they find areas that need repair they will perform timely repair solutions to restore back working or to prevent further damage. Saving energy is also an important function offered by our staff. We understand that energy saving is important not only to saving resources but this is also crucial as a friendly environmental solutions

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